About Me


Hip hop beats from a professional

Newbeatsmell is the brainchild of me, DjHurtt.  I am an acomplished Audio Engineer if I say so myself.  I have worked with a merriot of artist, singers, songwriters, producers, A&R’s and exectutives.  Too many to count and I’m not too fond of name dropping.  I have Spent the majority of my short career behind the boards and using my networking skills to gain a name for myself in the music industry as a sought after Engineer, I also have a few album credits and plaques to prove it. I’m a midwest guy who came to Los Angeles to hone my craft.  More specifically to The los angeles recording school.  I know how music can affect everyone regardless of where you are, but it’s always not as easy coming from where I’m from. Here at Newbeatsmell.com I like the idea of using the internet to spread musical ideas.  In todays game it is imperitive to play all sides of the ball.  What does that mean?  It means to brand yourself and spread that brand across all platforms both analog and digital.  After being in some of the best studios in the country for hours on end with some of the most influential people, you tend to pick up a few things.  I’m hoping to share a few things with you as I know I have had a perspective many haven’t nor will have a chance to experience

Why NewBeatSmell.com?

I should probably save this one for the FAQ but… The name came to me out of no where.  I pondered over such domain names as firehotflamebeats.com or yosonforrealonmymamathesejointsishot.com, but none of those were for me.  Then I thought about the times when you get some new kicks or you got your ride cleaned up just right.  It’s fresh, new, clean, you smell me?  I hope you do. If not, you must not have pressed play yet.  Like any good brand name it’s supposed to stand out.