What if my question is not here?

If your question was not answered please email contact@newbeatsmell.com. Please allow 12-24 hours for a response.

Can I purchase an Exclusive License?

Exclusive licenses are not available for instant download.  However, upon request exclusive beats are negotiable be it from the player or a custom beat.

Do I own the beat after a license purchase?

No. What is purchased is a non-exclusive license which allows the buyer to use the beat for one (1) recording.  For more information see the terms of use.

How do I get a PayPal account?

Visit PayPal.com and sign up, it’s free!  (For immediate funding to your Paypal account you can purchase and load a MoneyPak card. Details here.)

How do I pay for beats?

Paypal is our only payment processor at this time.  PayPal is the most used payment processor on the internet.

How much for beats?

Stereo MP3 – $17 – Compressed MP3 Audio Download at 192 kbps Sample Rate

Stereo Wav- $27 – Uncompressed CD Quality Wav Download

Wav Stems (2)- $37 – Two uncompressed Stereo Wav files Download (Drums/Music and Fx)

What is NewBeatSmell.com?

NewBeatSmell.com is your go to site for industry quality beats for your demo, mixture, vlog, podcast or any other media that may need the assistance of music.